Hugo's Sim Works Doppo High Plains Drifter

We've built some pretty intricate and fancy bikes for Hugo in the past, but this one takes the cake!

The High Plains Drifter is Sim Works' ode to the early klunker days of off-road cycling, but with a few modern touches.

Disc brakes, thru-axles, rocking dropouts and dropper posts seem like futuristic tech compared to the ATBs of old. 

Hugo decided to keep it classy with a mostly silver build featuring vintage XT derailleurs, cable-actuated brakes and... a leather saddle! 

With a nifty Problem Solvers clamp, and lots of deliberation, we were able to set up a 2x drivetrain when the frame is only designed to take 1x.

We certainly see lots of off-road cruising in this Doppo's future!


Photos by Troy

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