Delphine's Bloomfield

When I moved to Montreal for university, I bought a used Peugeot to get around. Biking everywhere is how I got to really appreciate the city. The Peugeot had a pretty good run!

However, I started looking for simpler and funkier bike for my daily commute.

I had gotten used to being a little uncomfortable on the drop bar and skinny tire bikes I’d been riding these last few years, so I knew I wanted something more comfortable and efficient nonetheless. The Bloomfield is my first single speed and I ride it every day! I found the ideal gear ratio for strolling around the city and going to work.

Since I was on a tight budget, I reused as many parts as I could from my old bike. Though I couldn’t resist splurging on a Velo Orange Klunker bar and Ultradynamico Cavas, and I certainly don’t regret it!

I haven’t yet had the chance to venture very far from the city with my Bloomfield, but I plan on outfitting it with a few bags to do some bikepacking in the near future. I’ll admit I’ve been eyeing Swift Industries bags for a while now. To be continued!

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