Staff Gift Guide 2021

Our glamour model Sam M. is pleased as punch to be wearing the new colour of C&L/Bassi cap.

You don't have to celebrate any particular festivities to enjoy giving your friends and loved ones things to delight them. We asked our little family here at C&L to propose some of what they've particularly liked this past year, while keeping things on the more affordable end. Take a look!

Crane Bell

There are so many bicycle bells available on the market that I find it a bit overwhelming to choose. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on one, but enough to make sure that it was the last bell I’d ever need to buy. I chose the E-NE from Japanese bell-foundry Crane. Simple and cost effective, it is smaller than most bells and features a timeless design. Form follows function. It rings out loud, falls naturally under my thumb and always put a smile on my face (and others’). Mine’s the polished copper, the most beautiful. What’s yours?

Bike First Aid Kit

Let’s be honest, when riding in a big city, the chances of getting a flat are as great as those of hitting a pothole in Montréal. If you’re looking for a gift for the cyclist that has everything, one can never have enough patch kits. And we even have something for those who worry about them grams on their bikes, cuz we have Titanium Tire levers, and odds are that your special someone doesn’t… Yet.


Considered one of the most traditional products of France, the Opinel is a knife with a lot of history. Designed and produced by the Opinel family at the end of the 19th century, its history reminds us of the French bicycle industry, since they have in common both the time of their design and their geographical location of development that is the east of France, where many cycle manufacturers settled in. This is also where Savoy is located, a region rich in culture where the Opinel, this emblematic knife, was born.

Very simple and yet, very useful and well thought-out, the Opinel is a gift that will be greatly appreciated in a stocking.

Phil Wood BioLube

If properly applied, the bio lube keeps your chain clean and well lubed for months. It’s the perfect buddy for a bikes that’s abused on a daily basis. As the name suggests, it’s made with natural ingredients that are bio-degradable and non-toxic.

See its big bro “Tenacious Oil” for winter use ❄️

MKS Bear Trap

An MTB pedal with 80’s style that will grip your soles without slashing your calves off? After a few years of Japanese exclusivity, this remake of the legendary Suntour XC-II is now available in our part of the world.


Tote bags

Tote bags in 2021 are aplenty, but these really set themselves apart from the pack. There’s so much about our shops and our bikes that’s featured in this lovely illustration by Julia Vallera, aka @lovedrawrings, a good pal from Vermont. You’ve got references to all the current Bassi frames: a coupla tipsy Hogs, a field of blooms, a griffon atop Rachel, and the big orange hot dog stand that’s such a striking visual landmark of our city. Our two storefronts are there, too, as well as a few archetypical C&L regulars wheelieing and lounging among the scenery. The bags, available in a beige natural canvas and classic black, were made by our friend John Bigsby @johnbigsby from Trame, and screen printed locally by The Letter Bet. They’re heavy duty, big enough for a good market haul, and look amazing!

Dango Bros

Yay to more smiles in cycling! These lovely brake bits will cheer up any of your cantilever or center-pull equipped bikes. I’d suggest to anyone who enjoys this sort of bike candy to check out Crumb Works, the home base of Magic Components.


And these old favourites are still just as relevant:

Aeropress coffee maker

No more cowboy coffees, where the consistency is more syrup than an infusion directly descended from heaven, of having your spoon standing on its own in the middle of your cup. From now on, this bad coffee torture can end. While camping, in the middle of a ride or wherever, you can brew a cup that will make your home machine blush. Honestly, I only use the Aeropress 365 days a year to make my coffee at home! $45 (Sam M.)

Darn Tough socks

Socks are usually what we give to someone when we don’t know what to offer for Christmas. But with Darn Tough, it is completely another story. Made from Merino wool in Vermont and offering a lifetime warranty (!), these socks are the perfect gift. $26-35 (J-D)

Voilé C&L strap

A "bungie cord" on EPO, the Voilé strap – embellished with our iconic Cycle C&L logo – will solve many problems you'd run into during an adventure in the middle of nowhere. 11$ (Sam M.)

Bidon C&L

There are a lot of “hydration technologies” around in 2021, but we like to keep it simple with what’s probably the very best sport bottle on the market. Perfect flow, light and easy to handle while on the bike, and of course fun colours to match your favourite whip! 15$ (Julian)

Nalgene 1L Bottle

What can we say about Nalgene bottles? They last forever and have a million uses. Don't go an a trip without one. 17$

Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Multitools

The ultimate tool for all road problems, multi-tools will help out the mechanic in you. In addition to being easy to carry around in your bag, they are pleasant and easy to use. With the right tools you can do just about anything and with a multitool, adjusting your brakes, your saddle, and tightening the screws loose on your cabinet doors, it'll be a snap! (Justine)

Atwater Rambler 137 Basket Bag

This basket-bag is one of the most versatile accessories on my bike right now. I’ve used it nearly every day this year, whether I was running errands around town or on self-supported tours. It has an easily accessible front pocket, a reliable tie-down system including an extra strap for rocky roads and potholed boulevards, and with its classy good looks, it’s a great gift for any cyclist. Plus, you can feel proud to be supporting a small Montreal company, Atwater Atelier. Made for the cheap-tough-good Wald 137 baskets, made in Kentucky since 1924. 168$ (Julian)

SimWorks John Cage

Inspired by the famous composer’s love of mycology, Sim Works made this beautiful bottle cage with laser cutouts to mimic an efflorescence of spores. 60 bucks is steep for a bottle cage, but its stainless steel construction, tough welds and gorgeous black or sandblasted finish ensure that, like mushrooms, the John Cage will outlast us. 60$ (Roberto)

Widefoot Litercage 

The Litercage, to no surprise, is built to carry oversized bottles of a litre or more, such as those made by Nalgene. The 7-slot mounting lets you put it almost anywhere on your bike, and it’s available in black, mint and violet. 45$ (Roberto)

Crane Bells

Tired of loosing your voice because of the "hey, watch out!" an "on your left!" while driving on the new REV? We have the solution for you! In copper, bronze, aluminium, whichever "bing" bell you choose, it will signal your presence loud and clear wherever your two wheels can take you. For the "Insta-Famous" check out the hand painted Cranes. 16$ to 52$ (Sam M.)

Optimus Stoves

With their ultra light and compact size, the Optimus Burners are perfect for touring, bike packing, camping trips, or just for making a little coffee anywhere. from $50 (J-D)

Widefoot/Anything Cage/King Many Thing Cargo Cages

This one is a present for the creative cyclist in your life: you can strap almost anything you can think of onto cargo racks! Last summer I rode with all my sleeping-outside gear strapped to a cargo cage between my thighs. It was bulky but it sure got there. From 46$ (Simon)

Bicycle Quarterly

It’s a rare magazine that’s even worth opening, but Bike Quarterly is hard to even put down. I read it cover to cover four times a year, taking my time and enjoying every article on cycling adventures, weird new and old bikes, and product tests. It’s a slow and pleasant alternative to neverending social media posts and blogs about the latest greatest wonder-materials. 15$ (Simon)

Polished Bike Parts from Velo Orange

Let's face it, as a general rule, the more your bike is fitted with chrome parts, the more beautiful your bike is. So, to satisfy your needs for chrome parts or those of your loved ones, nothing better than a regular or 1L bottle holder (for your Nalgene C&L), or a luggage rack, or even Velo Orange fenders. From 30$ (Karo)

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