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Autumn in bike-world

Details on the next Bassi frames, plus winter gear and more

I went for a cycling holiday lately and came back to plenty of new products! Check them out below. But first, an update on our next Bassi frames, the Hog's Back and the Montréal.
Frames are now welded and are at the paint factory. They're usually fairly slow, which you want for them to do a good, careful job. That means the current best guess on when they arrive is late November. 
I've added geometry information for the Montréal, so you can now preorder with confidence, and if you want to compare the frame to another you ride, it's on Bike Insights, a really fun comparison tool.
Preorders for the Hog's Back are coming in at a good clip, so if you want a specific colour and size it's a good idea to reserve it now.

New gear:

  • I installed Velo Orange's new Flat Pack Rack on my Montréal. It's an extra-wide Randonneur-style rack which still fits between drop bars, like a small Porteur rack. The adjustability is out of this world, and it solves all my front-rack needs and wants. We'll be getting more once these sell out.
  • Camping gear! The amazing Optimus multifuel Polaris stove, as well as conventional mini-stoves for camping. We got gas, too, but we can't ship that. Also got water filtration systems from Katadyn, for those weeks cycling in the wilderness.


Winter parts:

None of us like it, but it's a good idea to start preparing for winter early, while the parts are all available. We've got tons of tires, fenders and cold-weather clothing for you.

The great custom bikes blog

Read about our latest builds for discerning cyclists like yourself, and check out more staff bikes if you're interested in that kind of thing. I'm there too!
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