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Rivendell frame news

We've finally received our shipment of Rivendell frames which were meant to arrive this Spring!

Gus Boots-Willsen and Susie W. Longbolts (aka Wolbis Slugstone) are anagrams of each other. Both are hillibikes, meant to ride trails like the very earliest mountain bikes encountered. Gus is a bit stouter in the tubing and takes a threadless 1-1/8" headset, and Susie-Wolbis is slimmer and uses a normal 1" threaded headset. Both frames are fillet-brazed, and come in two excellent colours each. We have 'em all.

Some lucky folks pre-ordered, so we'll be sending those frames out first, but do write in if you missed the pre-orders, for a frame or for a build. We'll have nicer pictures next week on our socials and on the website.
Also, because I know a lot of people are excited for them, the Atlantis frames shouldn't be too far behind the G+S, they've been on the water for a while. RBW received theirs last week and we're usually just a couple weeks behind them. We're still accepting pre-orders for those!
I hope everybody went out for some big rides over the two long weekends, I know I did. I'll be happy to have a rest weekend!
See you soon!
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