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July 2020 at C&L Cycles

Camping coffee, and big restock of touring gear!

I'm sure everybody has heard that it's an unusually busy year for the cycling industry. We're nearly out of bikes now, so I hope everyone is fully set up. If not, we restocked on many, many important accessories (see below!).

It sounds like half the people I talk to, including many of my friends, are on their way to Gaspésie right now for great big bike tours. It's a beautiful area and nearly perfect for riding, so enjoy yourselves!

New products:

  • Sim Works! A Japanese company, associated to legendary bike shop Blue Lug. They make really cute collaborations:
    • Tires by Panaracer
    • Components by Nitto
  • C&L Gear (20% this month off with code HATSANDBIDONS):
    • We finally have hats! This was in the works for a long time, and we're so glad they're finally in the world. Made by Pace, one size, looks super cute on your super cute head.
    • New colours of bottles! They match the Hog's Back really well, it's great to see them on the bike. You need these for touring, my friends!
  • Coffee gear for camping: match up the new Aeropress Go with a mill and a permanent filter and you're good to tour for months. You know we love our coffee, and it always tastes better when camping. This is, by far, our favourite way to coffee-camp.
  • The best socks I've ever had: Darn Tough wool socks are made in Vermont and have a lifetime warranty. I can personally attest that I've owned some pairs for many years now and they've never worn through. Pretty incredible really.

Back in stock now:

Arriving shortly:

  • King Cage bottle cages
  • Origin8 racks
  • Terry saddles, for touring ladies
  • Atwater Atelier restock
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