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Late summer update

Big update, since it's been a while - good reads and rare products restocks

It's been too long, friends! We're still working hard on bike repairs and sending people off on their fun adventures. A lot of staff is on holiday, with JD in the woods but back in a week, Julian leaving soon, and some of our beloved mechanics back at school.

Our good friend Jo Chhun has been taking lots of bike pictures for us and we've put up some blog posts with bike checks and staff bike details. They're good inspiration if you want funky parts on your bikes!

We're taking pre-orders for the next run of frames, which are being welded and painted right now. The Hog's Back will return in pink and two new colours, and we're getting a huge run of the Montréal V3, improved and upgraded with the years' of feedback we've gotten, with a fun colour as an option to the classic black+white.

We restocked Sim Works stuff, Velo Orange bars and racks, Salsa cages, and C&L MTL gear (discount code ahoy!). Also new products: wool socks, Bicycle Quarterly and a bunch of bike racks. See below!
Nitto Sim Works on Bassi
Vincent's Bike

Bike posts:

  • Jenny's Hog's Back: she bought Julian's prototype and transformed it to her tastes. She knows what she wants from a touring bike and she got it. Don't miss Jo's beautiful photos, it's a good one. Does not include Jenny's pup carrying basket, regrettably.
  • Vince's staff bike: I call it his beater since he got some fancier bikes this year, but it's a beautiful machine.
  • Simon's Wolverine: a really fancy gravel and singletrack machine, in this year's fresh blue colourway
  • Zach's Roma-Tokyo: it's as adorable as Zach is, I promise.
VO Klunker
Sim Works Tire
Sim Works Randonneur Nitto

New products:

  • Darn Tough socks: I know it's a bit odd but I get excited about really good wool socks. They're the best thing ever on long rides day after day, no matter the weather. These are made in Vermont and have a lifetime warranty (yes, really!). I've had some for years and they're still trucking.
  • Bicycle Quarterly: Probably the only not-run-by-the-marketing-dept 4-times-a-year magazine for all-road riders, packed with adventures, massive knowledge and classic (or modern-retro) randonneur bikes. Worth the price, we got a few subscriptions to resell.

Back in stock now:

  • We picked up some VO Crazy Bars in the, like, ten minutes before they sold out. Get 'em!
  • C&L T-shirts, hoodies and crew-necks. Use code MTLGEAR for 50% off if you add some to your next web order! Works for the cute Hog's Back hats, too.
  • Salsa Anything Cages are back in good quantities, for y'all bikepackers out there
  • We have a really good selection of racks in-store right now, especially front ones, which feels good. Make your bike haul your gear, that's what it's made for.
  • Sim Works restock of tires and handlebars, do let us know if there are any of their funky-weird-fun-beautiful things you'd want to try that we don't have yet.
That's it for now, thanks for reading. Life is starting up again after the long weird summer, but don't forget to go out with your bike. I find that the fresh early autumn weather is the best time of year for long rides!
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