Introducing Rivendell Bicycle Works!

We've been holding onto this big news until now: Rivendell Bicycle Works will soon be available at C&L Cycles!

Rivendell, established in 1994, aim for timelessness, safety and comfort in their bicycles and components. Their lugged steel frames are made to ride for generations, whether touring off-road or as a town bike. The bike industry always promised "revolutionary" technologies that often help no-one, while Rivendell sticks with what works best, forging their own path without paying much attention to changing fashions, while being ahead of the curve in many regards. Behind every finely finished paint job is the unmistakeable mark of Rivendell quality, a sustainable supply chain, and good working conditions for their employees.

We're proud to be able to offer these wonderful frames to all our Canadian customers. In the next few weeks, we'll be receiving every size and colour of the first run of a new frame, the Platypus. Quantities will be limited, so please don't hesitate if, like us, this is one of your dream bikes.

Other models will be available throughout the year as they're produced, and we'll share Rivendell's production calendar when we can.

We've already gotten a little bit of gear and accessories in-store and on the website, so take a look and satisfy your inner Riv fan.


Simon & Sam B.
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