Autumn Sale

Please use the code AUT22 for 20% off your order through Sunday the 23rd!

Hope you all had an excellent summer season. Here in Montreal, it’s getting chilly and we’re already thinking of swapping to our studded winter tires.

Before the weirdness, intensity, and challenges that started in 2020, we used to run a Fall sale every October, and we’re bringing that back on the weekend of 22-23 October at our stores and online.

Here's the deal: Everything is 20% off. Everything, except shipping and Riv frames, but those are the only exceptions. Only in-stock items, of course. There'll be a discount code visible on every relevant page of this site once the sale goes live this weekend.

The discounts are even better for our Montréal customers: the 20% discount is just the baseline. In-store deals will be much better for some products, but you'll have to come in person to see!

So, all you'll need to do is use the discount code in your shopping cart. Please keep in mind that due to the volume of sales during these events, we might take longer than our usual two business days to ship your order! We pack faster when we're not answering emails, so sit tight and trust your C&L shippers.

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