MKS Sylvan Works Solow Camping Table

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Flat-pack ultralight coffee and cooking surface

The cute table you've seen Simon pulling out at all of our recent coffee outings, now available in Canada!

Sylvan Works is the outdoor line of MKS/Mikashima Seisakusho, our preferred Japanese pedal manufacturer that has celebrated its 70th anniversary. The Sylvan Works Solow Table is lightweight, compact, and easy to store and carry- making it ideal for bike camping, hiking, or even just a picnic or coffee/tea service outside in your local park. 

Each of the six aluminum parts are thin, and precision laser cut, and stack/nest together in a tidy compact package that's about half an A4 sheet size. The whole stack can be secured with 2 included silicone bands

Load capacity for the table is approx. 10kg - so certainly sufficient for supporting a small meal and some lightweight cookware. The rim of the surface is bent up slightly to prevent items from slipping or rolling off if you choose to assemble it that way.  

No tools are required for assembly.

Available in 3 attractive and durable anodized finish colours.

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