SunRace Wide-Range Cassette 10-speed

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1x or 2x cassettes for HG-spline hubs

Good MTB-type cassettes. You'll need to check how many teeth your rear derailer can take. Goes MS2 -> MS3 from least to most fancy. The fancy ones use aluminium for the spider instead of steel and are therefore juuuuuust a bit lighter.

  • Compatible with 8-9-10-speed Hyperglide hubs (aka most hubs of the last twenty years). Use a 1.8mm spacer with 11-speed road hubs.
  • 450-500g range, depends on model.
  • Shifts as nicely as the leading brands, promise.
  • Plays nice with all 10-speed chains as far as we've been able to tell, but an MTB chain will probably go better if you're doing 1x.
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