Brooks Tension Spanner

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For tensioning Brooks leather saddles

C&L Cycles are the authorized Canadian repair centre for Brooks saddles.

This comes with all Brooks leather saddles but hey, things get lost.

Please don't over-tension your saddle! That's what makes the leather tops break, and it isn't warrantied. Give it a quarter turn of tension (one full traversal of the wrench from one side of the nose to the opposite side), then go for a ride to see if that's enough.

To keep your leather top in good shape and un-stretched, the best thing is to not ride on it when it's soaking wet. A sprinkling of rain is fine, and you can ride in the pouring rain since your body mostly protects the saddle, as long as you have proper fenders (or a bag) to prevent spray from soaking the underside. It's also just fine if your saddle gets soaked, as long as you let it dry completely before putting your weight on it.

Regular application of Proofide (once or twice a year on top, once a year on the underside) of course helps preserve the leather from moisture, and also keeps it looking great.

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