White Industries ENO Trials Freewheel

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Compatible 1/8 & 3/32


The ENO freewheel is a durable single speed freewheel. White Industries freewheel has a long history of being durable, reliable and rebuildable. The ENO freewheel has been made rebuildable by first making everything replaceable, from the bearing and outer gear to the pawls and springs. Its is made durable and reliable by machining inner driver and outer gear case with extreamly tight tolerances resulting in a freewheel that runs concentrically so there isent tight and loose spots.

The Trials freewheels utilize a thicker outer gear (the base, not the teeth) and 72 points of engagement. The very quick responsiveness makes it popular for bike polo and other singlespeed cycling sports.


  • Cog Material: Heat treated and plated 8620
  • ABEC-5 bearing 61808
  • Cog Width: 3/32”
  • NOT compatible with 11/128” chains
  • Freewheel Types: Single (the original single tooth freewheel)
  • Freewheel Size:
    • Trials 18T, 20T, 22T (green locking ring)
  • All freewheels are 18.4mm wide
  • On ENO single freewheels (standard and Trials) centre of teeth are 9mm from the inner base of the threads

All Freewheels have a Thread of 1.37x24 tpi

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