Keo Grips Replacement cleats for Look pedals

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The new Keo Grip cleats are non-slip, so you are more reassured when you get off your bike. The material used at each end of the wedge also eliminates any risk of slipping between the wedge and the sole. (especially when using carbon soles).

Position memory is another addition to the Keo wedges. The position memory allows you to keep the previous settings when the shim is changed. The Keo standard was developed with the aim of minimizing the weight and size of the cleat / pedal assembly, while remaining compatible with all shoes on the market.


  • Gray: 4.5 ° floating angle / Red: 9 ° floating angle
  • Compatible with three-hole road bike shoes
  • Installation material included
  • Non-slip
  • Large support surface
  • Position memory
  • Securing heaving
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