Discord Fingerling Stem

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Tall, slightly short stems. Super strong steel.
Out of stock
  • Ceramic Black or Clear Coat
  • All clear coats will eventually get spider rust under them.  Not a bad thing, but be aware. The Clear Ceramic will never rust to the point where it’s a structural issue.  They use this stuff on the undercarriage of high end off-road vehicles.  
  • 31.8 clamp diameter, removable faceplate quill stem.
  • Fillet brazed in Massachusetts
  • Ceramic Coated in Massachusetts
  • The stem has a 225mm quill length, a Nitto wedge and quill bolt, and stainless M5 bolts for the faceplate.
  • Minimum insertion: 65mm to the top of the headset lock nut.  Don’t push it.  The stem will not fail, the fork will.
  • Not for use with carbon handlebars
  • Torque: 6Nm faceplate bolts, 19Nm quill bolt
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