Chromo Peeper Stem

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1" ⅛ - Ø 31.8


Discord stems have a theme: short reach, lots of stack.They’re based on 120 year old designs, and simply updated for use on today’s bikes. Short stems worked well back then, and they work well today, allowing you to get your bars higher and closer, so you can actually ride in the drops, if you want. No more hand pain. No more back pain, aching neck, stiff shoulders.  

Enter the Peeper. Steel is the ideal material to make a stem out of it.  It’s strong, and it comes in tubes, so all you have to do is get the tube milled to the right outer and inner dimension. Then of course, braze it together and slot it and all that. It’s actually a lot of work, but there is less waste than there is with virtually any other way of making a stem. 


  • Strong enough for off road riding, as long as you are not doing Enduro / DH stuff.
  • 125mm Stack height.
  • US made by Alex Meade of Alex Meade Bikeworks, a one person shop in Massachussets
  • Brass Brazed Chromoly
  • Stainless Steel Bolts
  • 31.8mm bar clamp.  If you use a shim for smaller bars, use Carbon paste between all surfaces and a two, NOT 4 piece shim.

You might need a longer or shorter top-cap bolt for this stem, but it's highly variable according to your bike so the stem doesn't include one.

Photos from Analog Cycles (@analogcycle)

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