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Spray.Bike acrylic colours, in a handy and precise pen!

SportPens are a range of highly pigmented paint pens specifically designed to be used on solid, non-porous surfaces. The detachable 2mm tough nylon nib has a rounded end, producing a perfectly even line on the straight or curve. More info on how to use them right here.

  • Highly pigmented matte acrylic paint
  • Permanent
  • For solid, non-porous surfaces
  • High opacity
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-rub
  • Odourless, safe, can be used indoors
  • High elasticity
  • Water and weather resistant   

Great for: bike frames, scooters, saddles, inline skates, helmets, frisbees, rackets, bats, footballs, knee/shoulder pads, plastic, leather, vinyl.
Don't use on: cotton, absorbent fabrics, T-shirts, baseball caps.

  • Black: Absolute midnight black - the smoothest, thickest-flowing pigment.
  • White: Thick with powdered chalk, brilliantly opaque. 
  • Blue: Primary saturated blue.
  • Light Blue: A lovely mid aqua blue - almost a turquoise.
  • Red: Dark poppy red, so a richer red than expected.
  • Yellow: Bright confident primary yellow - not cold looking.
  • Green: Great mid green - vivid spring grass, warm.
  • Pink: Perfect mid pink, just slightly darker than bubblegum pink. 
  • Purple: Violet with a little black - sumptuous!
  • Orange: A fruity orange - playful and lifting. 

Drying time: approx. 20 minutes
Confident handling: approx. 2 hours
Complete cure: approx. 12 hours

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