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A clean and oiled chain is a happy chain, so lube your chain often, folks! First wipe it clean with a rag, optionally cleaning it with a solvent, then apply one drop per link (shake the bottle before you start), let it sit for an hour to sink in, then wipe off the excess. Your parts will last longer and be more efficient.

If you're not sure what to get, just pick up the bottle of dry lube, it does everything.


  • Dry lube is clean, it doesn't pick up much grime and is very easy to reapply regularly. Use it when it's dusty or just for general use.
  • Wet lube is for when it's wet. Much more viscous than the dry lube, it sticks to the chain even when it's wet, slushy or freezing. Other stuff sticks to it, too, though, so use it for the wet seasons.
  • 1-step clean/lube has both a dry lubricant and chain cleaner. Start by dripping it on your chain copiously, then wipe everything off. Lightly lube your now-clean chain and get riding!
  • Wax is cleanest, always. It flakes off instead of picking up dirt. That means you need to reapply more often than other lubes, but that's the cost of efficiency and cleanliness.
  • The ceramic products deposit a durable coating on the chain every time you reapply without a full solvent cleaning, to increase the interval needed between cleanings and reapplications.
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