Phil Wood Square Taper Bottom Bracket - JIS Taper

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Stainless steel sealed-bearing bottom bracket, the original since 1971

Phil Wood bottom brackets are the original sealed-bearing BBs, and are backward-compatible to 1971. These are really made to last. The spindles are made out of either US-produced heat-treated stainless steel for this Classic model, or titanium for the lightweight Pro model. Standard spindle lengths range from 102 mm to 185 mm. This model is assembled in a cartridge with bearings. Cartridge width is for bottom bracket shells in 68 and 73mm. Custom spindle lengths and cartridge widths are available upon special request to Phil Wood, please contact us to arrange this.

Please note that Phil cups (also known as mounting rings) are sold separately from the bottom brackets because they're are available in all the threadings (British, Italian, Raleigh Super Corsa, French, Swiss, Chater Lea and T47).

Also: in order to install Phil square taper bottom bracket cups you will need either the Portable Square Taper Bottom Bracket Installation Tool or Professional Shop Square Taper Bottom Bracket Installation Tool. These tools are unchanged since their original release by Phil Wood in 1971. So if you already have this tool you do not need to purchase a new one. A long-established bicycle repair workshop or one which services all types of cycles will almost certainly have a Phil BB tool. This includes C&L, so yes we can install this for you.

Shimano, while they copied this design for their own sealed BBs, did not copy the tool spline pattern exactly, so a Shimano-type BB tool won't work.

  • Shell material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Spindle material: Stainless steel (heat-treated)
  • Bearings: 6903, stainless steel
  • Rider and bike weight limit: 280 lbs / 127 kgs
  • Made in USA
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