Forager Cable Cherries

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Re-usable cable ends

The Cable Cherries are durable, reusable cable ends with a huge grip - no more crimps wiggling off leaving a frayed, pokey end! The easy-to-grab sphere shape makes adjusting cable tension or swapping components simple. Tape the included 1.5mm hex key to your tire lever, and you’re set!

Easily grab the sphere to snug up your cable tension. Take them on and off as much as you need with the included 1.5mm hex key & set screw. The Cable Cherries are CNC machined in Oakland, CA on the same equipment that makes surgical pins & screws. Get 'em tight, and have 'em for life.

  • No more crimps wiggling off your cable, leaving a frayed, pokey end.
  • Provides a "handle" for your cable end, making brake and shifting adjustments a breeze.
  • Re-usable! Don't worry about keeping a constant supply of crimps floating around your workbench.
  • Guaranteed. If one does happen to fall off your bike, we'll send a free replacement.
  • CNC machined in the USA, shipped using recycled paper packaging.

Get em tight!  We don't advertise a torque spec cause no one has such tiny torque wrenches. In practical terms, Use the long end of the included hex to get them about as tight as you can, and they will stay on through thick and thin.

Sold as a pair. Tape the included wrench somewhere safe so you don't lose it!

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