Basic Shift Cable and/or Housing

Cables, housing, or both! Good but non-gratuitously-deluxe stuff.

Basic shift cables for most shifting sytems, excluding Campagnolo (of any age) and some French shifters of the past. Stainless steel cables, PTFE-lined outer housings.

Choose cable and housing together, cable only, or housing only.

We get these in bulk to cut down on packaging, so expect some reduced, reused and recycled packaging when you receive these.

  • 210cm cables, housing to match, but let us know if you need the housing cut down into bits
  • Includes ferrules and end caps
  • 1.1mm diameter cables, 4mm diameter black housing
  • Obbit or Jagwire, whichever we have on hand at the moment. They're both quite good, we get their fancy stuff.

In Montreal, cables usually want changing every two years, or before and after winter if you're an all-year kind of rider.

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