Beaulé's Hog!

Sam spent a few seasons with us at C&L and concluded it with this perfect Hog's Back build!

Wald 137 baskets have become nearly ubiquitous on our on all our townie/country/toury builds, and each person tends to make it their own. Sam did that with a made-to-measure, made-in-Montreal bag by Trame with nice complimentary colours and lots of pouches for organizing. Along with his Carradice saddle bag and Atwater cell pouch, he's got plenty of space for all his bits and bobs! 

A fun silly detail - the FSA The Pig headset fits the porky Hog's Back theme just perfectly! Given that it's a stout DH headset, it fits the bill perfectly for what's intended to be a bombproof commuter and tourer.

MKS x Sim Works Bubbly pedals are a staff favourite - many of us have given into temptation because of their perfectly spinny bearings and great design. Sam opted for the very tough Rhyno Lite rim along with a fast rolling Maxxis DTH dirt jump tire.

Pics by Troy @killiskii

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