An innertube should match its tire, but given the tube's flexibility and expandability, there's wiggle room, so a given innertube will fit a range of tire widths.

Please choose the type of valve that fits the hole in your rim:

  • Presta valves are just for bicycles. It's 6mm wide and you can get a super-simple adapter to be able to use Schrader pump-heads. Most bicycle pumps can fill Presta valves, including ultralight frame pumps.
  • Schrader valves are 8mm wide, and a bit tougher, but the pump head for it is a bit more complex than for Presta. It's on all motor vehicles around the world, and automatic air pumps almost always just do Schrader.

One type of valve isn't better than the other, they're just different, but historically the small differences have meant that lifelong cyclists generally lean toward Presta.

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