Surly Bill Trailer and Hitch assembly (USED)

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Our 5.25-foot long-bed shop truck, unmodified and well-maintained
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The Surly Bill trailer is a fantastic truck-replacement for the city. Move lumber, furniture (I did a bed, mattress and box-spring in one shot last summer) and, naturally, bike parts, or anything else that will fit on the 63-inch by 24-inch cargo area. The trailer and the hitch are TIG-welded 4130 tubular CrMo steel, and hardware is all stainless steel. It's lighter than it looks and balances well if you need to pick it up.

The real sweet part, however, is the hitch. That's where the magic happens - with its three angles of articulation, you won't even feel the trailer in how you steer your bike, and it's compatible with almost all hubs. We've got a bunch of QR skewers and 10mm nuts with the special bearings that we're including, which you'll need in order to attach the hitch to your wheel.

The trailer doesn't affect the handling of your bicycle, though you definitely feel the weight when it's loaded, and braking feels normal. For optimal handling the weight should be kept low, and the majority of it should be forward of the trailer's wheels. Width is equivalent to a normal MTB handlebar.

We're sad to see it go, but we're not using this as much as we used to and we need the space! Two summers and two winters' use a couple of times a week most weeks. Everything was kept greased, and we changed the stock tires to Schwalbe Marathons after a year and a half (since it's ideal not to get punctures when you're using this thing).

  • Weight limit: 300lbs
  • Trailer:
    • Threaded bosses for attaching tie-downs or setting up boxes, decks or panels
    • Sealed-bearing hubs, double-wall rims, 16-inch tires
    • Narrow enough to fit through a 30-inch door
    • Weight 37lbs
  • Hitch:
    • Adjustable height to keep load level on bikes with wheels from 20x1.75" to 29x3.0"
    • Compatible with QR frames with hub widths from 120mm to 145mm
    • Also compatible with 10mm threaded axles
    • Hitch rides on cartridge bearings projecting from rear hub, hence:
  • Also included:
    • 3 QR skewers (some more used than others, but bearings replaced where necessary)
    • 2 sets 10mm nuts

In-store pickup only and no warranty, though we can help show you how to hitch it to the bike you come pick it up with, and we'll show you the adjustments. You can roll straight out the door as long as some car doofus hasn't parked right in front of the store.

Get in touch if you're in Chasseur's delivery area and maybe we can set something up for delivery, but you've got to be on-premises during business hours 'cause we can't hide this in your recycling bin if you don't answer the door.

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