Peregrine Randonneur Bag

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Front-mounted randonneur bag in technical fabrics

Swift takes the classic French handlebar bag design and pairs it with modern textiles to bring you the lightest traditional randonneur bags on the market. The Peregrine Randonneur Bag bag is installed at the front of the bicycle on a small front rack and attaches to the bike or handlebars using a decaleur.

Swift took the Peregrine Rando Bag to the next level with durable X-Pac™ fabric.  Additional abrasion resistance and a rip-stop grid make X-Pac™ an excellent material for more rugged adventures.

A favorite of long-distance cyclists, randonneur bags make for more efficient riding by keeping gear accessible while on the move.

The Peregrine Randonneur bag is held in place on a randonneur rack in 3 critical spots. Four velcro straps hold the bottom of the bag securely to the platform of the rack, an essential webbing loop that holds the randonneur front rack’s tombstone, and an piece of attachment hardware called a decaleur (sold separately or with a rack) all work together to ensure that the Peregrine is stable and secure on the rack.

Be sure to check the Rando Lexicon for guidance and installation instructions. This is a more involved bag to install, but pays off with secure attachment for confident riding on even the roughest roads.


The Peregrine Randonneur bag’s top flap closure hooks are positioned on the sides of the bag, where they’re easier to reach on-bike. This innovative design also distributes tension more evenly to reduce long-term warping of the map case. For further weatherproofing, the top flap is discretely flared to keep rain and snow from getting into the main compartment. Inside flaps hold down gear in a stuffed bag and help with weather, too.


Swift Peregrine Rando bags comes in two sizes. Choose your bag by height so the top will be as flush with your handlebars as possible, without interfering with your hand placement.

Cool Features:

  • Flat elastic interior organizing system (varies slightly according to size of bag)
  • Discretely flared flap for increased weather protection
  • Front pocket
  • Two rear pockets
  • Two flat side pockets
  • Side dee rings for optional shoulder strap
  • Four velcro straps on the bottom for additional stability

12L Peregrine Randonneur Bag, Coyote colour

  • Measurements: 9.25”h X 11”w X 7.5”d
  • Capacity: 12.5 L
  • Bag Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Decaleur Attachment Height: 6.5”-8.5” from bottom of bag
  • VX21 X-Pac™
  • X-Pac™ is a multi-layer, light and durable fabric designed for adventure. It’s waterproof, and limits moisture from getting into your bag (the seams are not sealed).
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