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Each morning, you go to work on your bicycle and you would love to have a coffee at the coffeshop on the way? But you don't do that because ... how do you transport the coffee !?

You can drink it quickly and then get back on your bicycle. Except that freshly brewed coffee is hot. We don't want to burn ourselves and feel our tongue getting 2 times bigger for the next 3 hours. The best would be to transport it. It would have time to cool down a bit thanks to the breeze the rest of the bike ride would give it. But how could you transport it?

In your bag? Difficult to make it stand upright in a bag when you have to go throught the rough roads of Montreal.

A bottle holder? That would be better, for sure, but its inclination would not be very much compatible with a cardboard cup whose not really waterproof ... Sounds like hot coffee on yours socks.

The solution is there, it's the Handlebar Cup Holder. It's small, it's elegant, and most of all, it's been designed for one purpose. And I can tell you, it does the job perfectly. It has a diameter that allows the insertion of traditional formats of cups and will hold it straight. It's made to be installed on the handlebars to allow you to take a sip very easily every time you stop at the red light. And it adapts to all handlebar sizes between 22.2mm and 31.8.

Thanks to it, you'll never be tired at work again.


• Lightweight alloy cup holder
• Quick & easy installation
• Fits all handlebars between 22.2 and 31.8mm
• Cup not included

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