Gravity Camp Water Filter System

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A big hit with campers who prefer to let gravity do the work. The fine pores in the filter element strain out gunk, bacteria and cysts, and the design doesn’t require back flushing. Plus, the high flow rate delivers 2L of water in less than a minute. So you’ll have more time to whittle a perfect toasting fork or rig a tricky food cache.


  • Element capacity is up to 1,500L, depending on water quality.
  • 0.2 micron (0.0002 mm) glass-fibre filter removes bacteria, cysts and sediment.
  • Carbon core reduces unpleasant taste and odours.
  • Cleanable sediment trap increases filter element life.
  • Water level indicator window shows when a refill is needed.
  • Outlet hose removes with an auto shut-off valve to prevent contact with contaminated water during refilling.
  • Strap for carrying from the water source.
  • Katadyn provides a one-year Guarantee against defects that cause the filter to clog.
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