Busch & Muller Classic T Senso Plus Front Dynamo Light

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A classic-looking but modern front dynamo light

The Busch & Muller Classic T Senso Plus Dynamo light is styled after headlights of the 1950s, but thankfully with modern technology. Using the LED bulb, optical system, and electronics of the Lumotec Lyt headlights it produces and impressive 30LUX. This headlight features Senso technology (light automatically turns on as the sun dips) and "standlicht" technology, which keeps the light shining while stopped

The top mounted switch offers three different settings: "T" which is the daytime running light, "S" switches automatically from daylight running mode to Nighttime running mode which is slightly dimmer as to not blind oncoming traffic. "0" Turns the system off (after the standlight has diminished).

Supplied with a fork crown mount that's suitable for caliper brakes, disc brakes or V brakes, a 60cm cable with 2.8mm spade connections and can be used with or without a 6 volt wired taillight.

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