Tange Square Taper BSC Bottom Bracket

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The standard English bottom bracket for Bassi builds, this is a lightweight and reliable part. Alloy cups, steel spindle, sealed bearings. Please grease the cup threads and tap the frame before installing. We don't recommend greasing the spindle, but there aren't any really compelling reasons not to either, so you do you.

If you have any questions regarding spindle length with Bassi frames and Bassi square-taper cranks, please write in, we've tried pretty much every combination. Do include as much detail as you can about the drivetrain you intend to use.


  • BSC cups: 1.37" x 24TPI, left-hand thread on drive side cup
  • JIS taper (not Campagnolo or SG75 compatible)
  • Alloy cups
  • Sealed bearings
  • CrMo spindle
  • 103, 107, 110mm spindles available. We do not stock any other lengths, but the Shimano UN-55 works great for longer spindles.
  • You need a Shimano-type tool for installation and removal, your bike shop will have one.
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